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Personal Injury

Utica NY Personal Injury Attorney


For those who are seriously injured or left behind after an accident, the days that follow are often filled with grief, anger, depression, and an overwhelming number of unanswered questions. In the aftermath of an accident, it is essential to have trusted friends, family, and advisors to support and guide you through this difficult time. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer is a necessity to ensure that you and your loved ones get the compensation you deserve.


Serving the Utica, New York area, The Attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC have successfully represented victims in all areas of personal injury, including vehicular and motorcycle accidents, as well as construction and workplace accidents, cases of traumatic brain injury, slip/trip and falls, malpractice, and product liability. They work closely with prominent medical and scientific experts who assist with the preparation of your case for purposes of settlement or trial.


In addition to their skill and experience as a trial attorney, they are fully staffed with knowledgeable paralegals and support personnel. This experienced team doesn’t just assist with Mr. Passalacqua’s zealous representation of their clients, they are also compassionate and understanding of the devastating effects an accident has on the lives of the victim and their loved ones.


The Attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC have seen the devastating effects that an accident can have on both the victims and their families. Although it may be impossible to fully repair the damage that has been done, it is possible to ease the burden of those so profoundly and permanently affected by the negligence and misconduct of others.


The Attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC promises to be persistent and passionate in their commitment to hold those responsible for the accident accountable for their misdeeds. In this way, They hope not only to obtain just and fair compensation for their clients, but also to prevent similar incidents from occurring again.


After an accident, promptly retaining the most qualified legal counselor is an important decision that cannot be entered into lightly. It is this relationship that will guide you through the myriad of legal issues that will inevitably arise.


The Attorneys at Passalacqua & Associates, LLC are trained in the latest courtroom and trial presentation technologies and are read to put those skills to work for you! Don’t wait to get the compensation you deserve. Call 315-500-6425 today!